light sensitive synthesizer/MIDI/CV interface

Dráha (Path)

9 / 11 / 2016 gallery Monomach, Brno

interactive sound and light installation

collaboration with Tomáš Sedláček who made the interactive light system

Atom tone

since 2015 NEXT festival, ICAD, DNO, Institute of SonologySonology etc.

Sonification of spectroscopic atomic data, software+performance


1/9/2015 Experimenta Benešov undergound

interactive object


since 20/6/2015 Experimenta Benešov underground

sound installation


since 2015 Experimenta Benešov underground

permanent cymatic AV installation


2/2014 MusicMakers Hacklab, CTM, Berlin

light instrument/interface

ROJ 2.0

since 1.11.2014 Observatory and the Planetarium of the city Brno

upgrade of my permanent AV installation Roj

Echo corridor

25/4 - 9/11/2014 Vivat musica! exhibition, Veletrzni palace, National Gallery Prague

multichannel algorithmic sound installation/composition


since 1/2/2014 club Fléda

permanent algorithmic light installation


9 / 2013 private collection

light object


7.11-28.12 2012 4AM Fórum for architecture and media, Brno

interactive audiovisual installation


2013 Galerie Die Aktualität des Schönen, Liberec

audiovisual algorithmic installation


2012 Special Kindergarten and primary school, Nový Jičín

interactive audiovisual installation

Where it ends and where it begins

21.9.2012 bienale Dolní Kounice, Rosa Coeli

sound installation


2011 Nová Scéna, Prague

wind sound installation


2010 A(void) gallery, Prague / then park Anthropos Brno

interactive sound instalation


since 2009 till now cave Výpustek, CHKO Moravian Carst

sound and light installation

Sonic garden

since 2008 SantaPonsa, Mallorca

permanent interactive outdoor sound installation

Faust’s plasma mushrooms

17.6.2007 Moving closer festival, Warszaw

interactive sound installation

8 audio channels, piezo sensors, MIDI, led, steel


since 2005

audiovisual performance duo

Red line border

23/09/2015 - 31/01/2016 National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

cymatic laser/sound installation


since 2009 cave Byčí skála, then cave Výpustek, then Moravian gallery Brno

interface for controlling sound and light

Electronic hardware solution : Jiří Šafář

ROJ 1.0

1.2.2012 Planetarium and observatory of the city Brno

audiovisual permanent installation


29.6.2013 for Radiocustica at radio Vltava

audio composition


6.6 - 31.8.2013 Exposition of New Music

sound installation


since 20/6/2015 Experimenta Benešov underground

permanent sound installation


28/02/2018 | Přesuny
new audio composition
premedice Radiocustica, radio Vltava , kompozice link
17/02/2018 | ROJ 2.1
upgrading the light installation Roj
Planetarium and Observatory of the city Brno
07/01/2018 | SONIX
organizing of the concert of acousmatic music
connection between Institute of Sonology, Haag and JAMU, Brno
Divadlo na Orlí, fb event
08/12/2017 | Atom Tone
live electroacoustic concert
PAF, Olomouc
05/12/2017 | Lux at Aether
live electronics, concert, Elektroakusticky!
JAMU, komorní sál
10/11/2017 - 12/11/2017 | Pulse 33
AV installation
festival Prototyp, Nová tržnice, Brno,
30/10/2017 | Atom Tone
live electroacoustic concert (before Marek Choloniewski)
Komorní sál, JAMU, Brno,
28/10/2017 - 29/10/2017 | Experimental musical instruments
children workshop
Stanica, Žilina, SK
25/10/2017 | Pulse 33
AV installation
JIC conference, Creative Industry and Creative Economy, Hotel International, Brno
23/09/2017 | Atomtone at Silent Night
sleeping concert Silent Night
Divadlo Ponec, Silent Night: Stephan Mathieu, Ipek Gorgun, me, Prague, Cz,
17/09/2017 - 21/09/2017 | Sound interaction workshop
workshop for theater performers - implementation sound interaction elements to theater piece
Valdštejnská lodžie, Jičín
16/09/2017 | interview SilentNight Radio Wave
2 hour in eter
radio Wavw
01/09/2017 | PechaKucha Budapest
PKN presentation
Bálna Budapest, FB event
11/08/2017 | PechaKuchaNight Žilina
PKN presentation
Stanica, Žilina, SK
15/06/2017 | Turbulence in dunes
sound installation in dunes

Meyendel, 2243 Wassenaar, Netherlands Latitude: 52.136722 | Longitude: 4.321083 52°08'12.2"N 4°19'15.9'E
28/04/2017 - 29/04/2017 | No turbulence in slow wind
sound wind installation as part of group exhibition "Installation in progress. Please wait." made by students of Sonology
Haagse Kunstkring, Haag
04/04/2017 - 06/04/2017 | Piezo workshop – Sounds of mass
workshop about working with contact mics and processing the sound in max/msp - introduction to visual programming
VŠVU, Intermedia department, Bratislava
25/03/2017 - 27/03/2017 | Red line border
laser cymatic installation
DeLight exhibition, Berlin
23/03/2017 | Atomtone
atomic sonification concert
Spektrum, Berlin, DE
22/03/2017 | Vanad+Carbon (composition)
acousmatic composition for Discussion Concerts series
Institute of Sonology, Arnold Schönbergzaal, The Hague, NL
09/11/2016 - 30/11/2016 | Dráha ( Path )
exhibition of the object that we created with Tomáš Sedláček
object + audio : me
light system : Tomáš
gallery Monomach, Gorkého 12, Brno, art map info
19/10/2016 | ROJ ver 2.1 (live)
start 20:00
concert inside my permanent light installation
audio-visual synaesthetic performance
Brno Observatory and Planetarium, Brno, Observatory web
04/10/2016 | Pulse
algorithmic installation/composition
Setkávání Nové hudby Plus 2016 ( support program to Kees Tazelaar concert presentation), fb link
24/09/2016 | Atom tone
live electronic music, sonification of spectroscopic data, analog modular processing
SOUND CITY DAYS, Kulturpark K13, Kosice, Sk
06/07/2016 | Atom Tone
concert for the sonification conference ICAD 2016
Concert Hall of the School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, conference
19/06/2016 | DIY experimentla instruments – final children concert
the end of 6 week workshop for children
final concert with built instruments and graphic scores
Stanica, Žilina, Sk, last workshop
12/05/2016 | ATOM TONE – concert!
acousmatic concert with 12 speakers, video and light. Sonification of atomic data.
Divadlo na Orlí, Brno, DNO
07/05/2016 | Komorní atomová café seance
concert with my atomic sonification system + live electronics
ECHOFLUXX festival, Paralelní Polis, Prague, festival
05/05/2016 | TRIAL VII.
presentation of audio works of my students from Faculty of Fine Arts
Praha/Fórum pro architekturu a média, FB link
27/04/2016 | PechaKucha Night Bratislava Vol.33
talk for PechaKucha Night Bratislava Vol.33
A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry, pechakucha link
20/04/2016 - 21/04/2016 | Lecture+Concert+Workshop
FUD ÚJEP Ústí nad Labem
katedra elektronického obrazu
ateliér Interaktivní média
+ koncert na Armaturce, ateliér
13/03/2016 | DIY instruments – PANEL
meeting and discussion with people doing DIY instruments
presentation of my instruments/projects
ITCH MY HAHAHA festival, Praha v Brně, FB event
12/02/2016 - 14/02/2016 | Experimental musical instruments
longterm workshop for children
building acoustic and electronic sound machines
Stanica, Žilina, Sk, venue web
17/01/2016 | Art’s Birthday – Time.break live
audio performance on theme of Time.break composition
Veletrzni Palace, National Gallery, Prague, web link
08/01/2016 | Concert
live electronic set made from some of my old tracks processed with modular analog filters
NOD/Roxy, Prague, club program
02/12/2015 | Public mistakes
workshop, 14-16hod
Musica Nova, international conference, Brno
26/11/2015 | Atom tone
concert/musical performance based on spectral lines of atom and Mendeleev periodic table
NEXT festival, A4, Bratislava, festival
12/11/2015 - 17/01/2016 | PULS 33
PULS 33 - light and sound algorithmic installation
"Přepisy" exhibition, OGV Jihlava, exhibiton
11/11/2015 | Train horizons
multichannel sound installation
Mistodržitelský palác, Mor.galerie, Brno
doprovodný program k výstavě "Zastihla je noc", exhibition
02/11/2015 | Atom synthesis
lecture about my new new sound project based on data of atoms
A4, Bratislava, event
09/10/2015 | EA live set + lecture
improvised electroacoustic concert + lecture about my works
Cultural Centre Dom, Moscow, event
08/10/2015 - 14/11/2015 | Red line border
laser active sound installation
National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, exhibition
26/09/2015 | Live impro set
concert, electronics, acoustic, sampling, processing
Pražírna, Kyjov
10/09/2015 | Monolith
permanent interactive sound/light installation
Experimenta, Benešov city underground, my web info
01/09/2015 | New web started
test start of this new web