robotic sound/light installation


TIC gallery, Brno

brass parabolas, stepper motors, steel construction, speaker, MCU, led, laser


Three rotating acoustic mirrors are independently controlled via ARM MCU (teensy) placed in the body of each object. Timing (on/off states) and rotation speed are “randomly” generated. The speed of the engine creates pitch characteristic of these sort of mechanical oscillators. (Dis)harmony of these three elements in space are evolving in time in softly unpredictable way. Beside the mechanical sound of the stepper motors there are also synthesized  basic sound signals (sine, saw, white noise). Synthesized sound are amplified and acoustic waveforms from speaker are reflected by rotating brass parabola and distributed into the space. Cumulation and circulation of acoustic energy in the room is done and explored with this elemental mechanical spatialization technique.


curators: Zuzana Janečková, Marika Kupková


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