ROJ 2.0

upgrade of my permanent AV installation Roj

since 1.11.2014

Observatory and the Planetarium of the city Brno



The custom built waterproof led wall (hardware by Jiří Šafář) is controlled from max/msp. I’ve programed several algorithms which generate short audio-visual sequence that is played every 1 minute. The building acts as type of the clock. The sound and light is synchronized ( but sometimes not…). The topics I was absorbing into the work are data – streams – cosmic rays – mathematics – space and city. 





First version of the installation was created and installaed 1.2.2012. roj1.0. After two years of existence I was asked to expand the installation also to other walls. During this process I’ve also entirely changed the algorithm. The new one is more sync-based and almost completely generated. 12.10.2016 there will be also my first concert with this installation.