Dráha (Path)

interactive sound and light installation

9 / 11 / 2016

gallery Monomach, Brno

collaboration with Tomáš Sedláček who made the interactive light system
steel tubes, piezos, light bulbs, electronics


   Sound installation Dráha (Path) is triggered by minimal but

crucial human interaction that completes symbolic path circle. The

piece is composition of four metal tubes of different lengths hanging

in space. Its configuration is a reference to a figure eight – a

symbol but in this case strongly abstracted, dimensionally decomposed

and minimized. The role of “connectors” and dynamic

element plays the balls activated by viewer. Interacting sound and

light effects caused by the passage of path and their subsequent

effect on the perception of the viewer purposes seemingly fragmented


   Sound installation explores natural sound resonances of

vibrating steel tubes and chaotic rhythm structures caused by the

passage of metal balls through the metal pipes path. The development

of the sound concept went through strong reduction

from advanced sound processing through simple amplification to

the final pure acoustic sound representation that is left here just as

it is. The light element of the installation is made by obsolete wolfram

bulbs whose light quality and dynamic response fills almost

empty gallery space with wanted mood. Light intensity of each bulb

is controlled by the amplitude of dedicated resonating tube. Even

such a simple principle creates chaotic sound/light rhythm and

spectral structures that are still playful and hopefully also calling for

deeper listening and decoding.