Sonic garden

permanent interactive outdoor sound installation

since 2008

SantaPonsa, Mallorca

outdoor touch interface, capacitive sensors, IR sensor, leds, Wiring microprocessor, rs242 com, 10 audio channels


Music in landscape – landscape in music
space – relations – links – situation model – new places and intersections
sensory interface – realtime mixing of soundscapes


In the compositions I deal with the pause, sound timing and spatial possibilities of the 10 channel sound. This work is a realization of the theme “Sound gardens” that I explored in my diploma work. ( Zvukové instalace v zahradách – Sound installations in gardens, Faculty of Fine Arts VUT, Brno, 2005). Installation was partly inspired by the TIMET group ( with which I have met in Firenze on a workshop that they organized. The concept of a sonic garden I realized in the “synchronised and interactive” manner. The space of a garden I understand here as a one complex – as a big sonic container – where the sound is moving ( rather than independent sonic islands).
The independent chapter was a complete development and building of the central control panel – the touch interface.




short video from mallorca, 2008, SD DVpal