audiovisual algorithmic installation


Galerie Die Aktualität des Schönen, Liberec

steel, synthetic resin, led, 4-channel sound, max/msp, wires


    Light is controlled synchronously with sound. Each metal light block has its own rhythm, light and sound. All is driven from my max/msp patch. Polyrhythmic sound/light structure is generated. Installation is modular – can be connected/disconnected/ re-arranged into the object that fits into the space.

   Algorithm programmed in max/msp can for each block set up the length of the sequence, 3 point rhythm, pitch of the sine/FM osc and color of the LED light.

   Installation can be also presented in a live concert form. In this case I control the sound and light with midi controller and sequencing. 




2016 / 11 – Setkávání Nové hudby Plus 2016 
2015 – 2016  “Přepisy” skupinová výstava, OGV Jihlava,exhibiton
2014 / 9 – Festival “V září” (aneb never more ! s tímto festivalem)
2013 / 1 – Gallery DADS