Soil choir

/poly/ interactive sound installation


Kasarne Kulturpark + Šopa gallery, Košice

result of K.A.I.R. residency
clay, steel, plexiglass, ice, capacitive sensors, speakers, Bela, Supercollider



Sonification of natural soil processes tests the limits of our attention, patience and desire to still perceive ultra-slow reactions and examines the mechanisms of our adaptation …


Principle: Three sensors measure humidity at different depths in meter columns of clay. The acquired data controls the pulsation rate and other parameters of the digitally real-time generated sound that is projected from each object. There is a polyphonic space-structured polyrhythm which changes in response to changes in soil moisture. Music time takes place on a different scale than normal. Changes happen within days, weeks, months …


The idea was born during Magic Carpet residency at openspace Innsbruck and the realisation was done in Kosice, Slovakia during K.A.I.R. residency at Sopa gallery.



~~~~~(ultraslow) interaction through nature~~~~~