wind sound installation


Nová Scéna, Prague


The heterogeneity of a wind circulation, organic dynamism, chaos – thats the basic elements that I explore and try to use for creation of musical structures. The object was presented at international conference ” On a different soil” link konference a vystavy


Each of seven wind vessels is magnetically scanned and information about its actual turning ( 0-360°) is wirelessly sent into the hidden computer. The software analyses data and change the movement in circle into the movement in a chosen tonal terrain. The tone resounds when near-by vessel is at 0°. In that moment it sends impulse into the next vessel and it plays the note according its actual turning position – “spin”. In this way all 7 vessels are connected.
By this mechanism the wind creates unrepetitive, poly-rhytmic tonal structures thats are artificial reflection of a wind circulation in the area.