interactive sound instalation


A(void) gallery, Prague / then park Anthropos Brno


due to the deflection of wooden boards ( as people are moving, standing, jumping, shifting, lying…) is changing the pitch of the sounding tone in the raster of harmonic C minor scale. The tone is very simple square oscillator. The minimalism of function and shape is reflected also into the minimalistic (primitive) sound. The electronics is implemented directly into the wooden boards and no additional computer is required. The foot-bridge Loveka is a place for communication. The bridge acts as a symbol of connection two divided parts. The question is how sounds this connection – communcation and how long people stay in this area. Next to the symbolic level of the Loveka the installation behaves also clearly “just” as a quite unexpected sound game for the passing by people.



Loveka – environmental sound installation: the sonic bridge that connects two banks. The sound is produced due the bend of the wooden bridge boards.